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ARRiiVE Business Solutions has successfully launched or been involved with the launch for dozens of companies, including ElementsLocal, Ever Clever Parties, Hays, A Healthy Home, Cox Coaching, SLO Jazz Festival, StoryAD Network, Total Balance Speakers, Wise Dog Animation, and more. ARRiiVE Business Solutions' CEO, Scott Andrews, offers coaching to help improve sales success, marketing, and business team performance.
ARRiiVE Client Logos  

Representative partial client list includes:
  • AT&T
  • Bel-Ea
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Cox Coaching
  • DecisionOne
  • DELL
  • EDS
  • ELEMENTS (launched ElementsLocal in 2008)
  • Ever Clever Parties (sold site to Clever Parties)
  • Hays (sold to Orbis)

  • A Healthy Home (currently redeveloping)

  • HP

  • IBM

  • Mastery Mentors

  • NCR
  • Power Text Pro
  • SBC Telecommunications
  • Seaside Cafe
  • SLO Jazz Festival (coming 2011)
  • SLO Winter Funk Festival (2009)
  • StoryADNetwork
  • Superior Coatings, Int'l
  • Tandem (prior to the merger with Compaq/HP)
  • Total Balance Speakers
  • Wise Dog Animation

Are you wondering how ARRiiVE Business Solutions might benefit your firm?

Learn more about how we make an impact through our client success stories (below): 

Planning social network strategy, executive sales presentation, launch strategy, sales pitch, and campaign execution 


Power Text Pro offers mobile marketing campaigns through the nations top SMS text-based service, 41513. Initially, setting up a sales process and strategy that will eventually roll out to an online launch (in process). For an example, send a text to 41513 with message "PTPMobile" to see how it works.

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Wise Dog Logo

Establishing business structure, social network strategy, bio, pitch, and licensing structure for Wise Dog Animation:


Wise Dog Animation developed a series of short animated films and greeting cards. Wise Dog Animation's founders tapped into ARRiiVE Business Solutions' talent initially to set up their social network strategy and profiles. That initial assignment expanded to include development of a pitch, bio, and both business and license structure (in process).

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SLO Jazz Festival Logo

Establishing board, sponsorship, and structure for SLO Jazz Festival:


ARRiiVE's Scott Andrews is acting on an inspired dream to to build a festival similar to the San Jose Jazz Festival in San Luis Obispo, CA. As Festival Director, Scott oversees the development of board activities, founding of a 501c3 non-profit, and creation of sponsor proposals, memberships, band agreements, and more. The 1st SLO Jazz Festival is scheduled for September 24-25, 2011.

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High Tech company needed help establishing sales process:


An entrepreneurial team sought ways to implement sales process selling to franchise owners. ARRiiVE's Scott Andrews became "acting VP of Sales" for six months to directly influence and determine sales process for ElementsLocal website software technology.

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Digital Out-of-Home Network company needed help establishing sales process:


An entrepreneurial team sought ways to implement sales process and strengthen the organization team. ARRiiVE helped write a sales plan, brought sales process, experience as "acting VP of Business Development", and brought a CFO to the team to help launch StoryADNetwork.

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Information Technology Services Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped Increase Sales Results With "Concepts of Sales" Training

Challenge:  DecisionOne's new hire program was struggling in the Western Region of California. Most new sales hires took over five months to be productive. Often, they didn't make the cut. The investment in hiring, training, and turnover was hurting the company. They needed a way to quickly train their team in "real-world" methods to enable their new recruits to be productive and over-achieve quota in order to meet goals. 

As a result of the training provided by Scott Andrews, Primary ARRiiVE Consultant, every one of the sales representatives who passed this training went on to overachieve their quota within the sales year.

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Entrepreneur gained a business concept, logo design, website, blog, design, social network strategy and set-up, and developing a sales plan


An entrepreneur wanted to create a company that didn't take time away from her day job, created sizable side income, and was more fun than her regular job. She had an idea, but needed help with designing a logo, creating a business strategy, then building the website that would start her on the path to entrepreneurial success.

ARRiiVE Also helped her with her social network strategy and initial social network implementation.

Update: ARRiiVE has now done many of these types of projects, too many to mention all by name individually.

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High Technology Sales Training Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped A Sales Team Focus On Selling To The CEO


Challenge: Sometimes salespeople lack the resources to get a foot in the door at the top level. So many companies try to get their salespeople to "sell high" or sell to the C-level of an enterprise. Yet, most of the salespeople who are successful at selling to the C-level become promoted into management, where their talents are morphed into other managerial duties. As a result, there are few role models and examples of how to do this available to the aspiring salesperson. Having developed a way to sell to the CEO during his own sales career, Scott Andrews is frequently contacted by salespeople to help them sell to the CEO. This is one example of that type of sales coaching we offered to a sales team selling for NCR.

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Entrepreneur With Innovative Products Utilizes "Executive Excellence" coaching with ARRiiVE Business Solutions


Challenge: Bel-Ea wanted to launch a new product design and build a serious company with a new type of toothbrush. Her company's objective is to help impact the coming water shortage with products that reduce the impact of humans on the world's water supply.


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Central Coast Winery Creates "Empowered Environment" (and higher sales results) With "Diamond-Circle" Installation


Challenge:  A local winery was struggling with trying to empower employees to be the best in the industry and yet not feel too "corporate" in their environment. They engaged ARRiiVE to help put in place a structure and process of values to better create movement among job requirements and more inside-out management style. 


Distribution Firm Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped ORBIS Container Services With A Plan For RFID Implementation


Challenge: As a distribution firm in the food container product business, ORBIS Container Services sought out ARRiiVE for assistance with ways to better maximize the supply chain. The CEO of ORBIS Container Services most specifically wanted help in understanding the challenge of new technology  implementation in their containers in order to be compliant with an important Wal-Mart initiative.

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Building solutions involving smart gift cards with VIP services to benefit dynamic education centers. 


Challenge:  We're helping ReDiscoverTM build a company that integrates smart gift cards with VIP services, such as vacation retreats, spa treatments, dining discounts, and more. Our team is working in Malaysia and Singapore to create education centers that will ultimately benefit from the ReDiscoverAsia program, thus creating more connections between English - Asian cultures.

Energy Firm:    

Challenge:  ARRiiVE works with alternative energy firms to launch new products and services. We're helping firms in other countries find distribution partners for their products in North America. We're also helping refineries and plants to improve their quality through lower corrosion utilizing space-age insulation products.

High Technology Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped 
A Central Coast Firm Increase Outsourced IT Services Sales


Challenge: A technology firm was struggling with how to grow services sales. They lacked any formal structure, contracts, marketing programs, and an approach to grow outsourced service business, a segment critical to their long-term success. We provided a structure, training program for sales representatives, and offered an innovative approach to target top prospects and secure long-term agreements for computer network support. 

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Entertainment Firm Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped A Creative Producer Increase Market Awareness To Drive Business Success


Challenge: Producer seeking a better methodology and marketing approach to reach potential prospects. My Story Productions, a video production company, sought a way to increase clients, which prior to our engagement was like "searching for a needle in a haystack." An even bigger challenge was determining the best way to increase exposure without spending a huge amount on budget. As a result of ARRiiVE's Business Consulting, My Story Productions doubled sales year over year.

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Manufacturing Case Study: How ARRiiVE Helped An Inventor Launch and Market A New Product For Electric Sockets


Challenge: A team of inventors designed a prototype for a new product. They felt this product could be sold to Home Depot and other hardware stores. However, they lacked any formal plan on how to get the product built in bulk, trademark the product, and market the product successfully. They contacted ARRiiVE for assistance on bringing their dream to market.  

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Fitness Center Success Story: ARRiiVE's "Concepts of Selling" Was Customized To Help Increase Retention

Challenge:  A fitness center had outstanding instructors, but in this ever-increasingly competitive industry, it is crucial to maintain innovative standards in helping people become healthy, lose weight, and reach their fitness goals. Trainers often are great at training others, but really do not know how to sell their services. Besides, the fitness industry's retention of customers is an atrocious 40% loss per cycle.

ARRiiVE customized our "Concepts of Selling" sales maximization to focus specifically on ways to create more loyal customers and innovative ways to offer incentives and implement programs to sustain longer lasting relationships. As a result of our success, we now guarantee a 20% increase in retention for all new clients. 

Marketing Design Success Story: How ARRiiVE's Interact DESiiGN service helped Seaside Cafe improve Their Look and social network strategy


Challenge: A quaint cafe in Shell Beach was seeking a way to improve their image. They contacted ARRiiVE for marketing design and social network strategy.

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Beauty Industry Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped 
An Entrepreneur Raise Funding To Launch Her Business


Challenge: An entrepreneur was designing a new spa service and treatment center in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to launch her dream, she needed a solid business plan to raise capital and equip her business. As a result of the clarity and vision of the plan we wrote, over 100% of desired funding was acquired.

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Online Fashion Company Seeks Expertise In Naming and Business Plan To Launch New Company


Challenge:  An entrepreneur contacted our team to help create a name, concept, and business plan for her new fashion-umbrella online business. This entrepreneur sold her business for profit shortly after launch!

Financial Services Success Story: How ARRiiVE Helped Write A Business Plan To Raise Funding And Launch A Gift Card Service


Challenge: Gift Card Company sought to raise five million dollars for their initial gift card service launch. Their approach is to target a new way to market logo gift cards to companies. They contacted ARRiiVE for assistance in how to raise the initial funding required to launch their new service in this exciting industry.

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