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Cold To Gold: Prospecting Methods To Overcome Fear and Build Long-Lasting Relationships. Learn ways to prospect through email, telephone, face-to-face, mail, internet, and more. So many people are scared to make cold calls and do not know how to write emails that get opened, let alone READ. Scott Andrews is teaching a mind-shift that creates more success from day one, then continues to share workshop exercises that help you better target prospects. Then, you learn specific techniques that cause prospects to come to YOU, rather than you going to them. Your sales skills, ability to cold call, email writing success, and ability to social network to higher success will all be highly impacted.

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Gain tactics, structure, and methods that win through our Concepts of Selling intangibles:

COS 101 & MVP 101: Build High Performance Sales Teams (Mgmt & Sales)

  How well can you forecast future sales? 90% of organizations in our targeted industries are not structured to systematically form proper relationships with their customer. Without that structure, and without a process for defining dominant buying motives, how can you truly know if you will hit your numbers? What does it mean to keep your customers and win your biggest deals? When you structure to your customer, you gain the critical relationships in place to ensure sustainable sales success. 

Be smarter. Create a structure that wins deals.

"Team structure and sales process are the most critical components to sustaining sales success." -- Richard Boren, former VP of Sales at Instantis & Verio

COS 201: Win More, Win Big. A Process To Selling Success (Sales Team)

Are you using the most cutting-edge sales methods known in America? Can you say your sales team is honest, productive, and hitting its numbers? Are you sure your salespeople are maximizing your company's valuable resources? We utilize a process of modern techniques in selling to gain information, create surprise, build winning relationships, maximize time and gain commitments that result in over 50% forecast success probability. The Concepts of Selling Intangibles is a sales process that simply works. 

A quality sales process produces higher results.

MVP 201: Stay Plugged-in To Multiply Results (Management Team)

"We need to revisit the process regularly to ensure we hit our objectives. ARRiiVE's MVP program keeps us on track." 

 -- Jack Brighton, Sales Director

Many sales teams experience a drop in performance when top salespeople are promoted or leave for other opportunities. How can you guarantee that your team can sustain success beyond the next six months? It's no different than taking your car into the service center for an oil change and tire rotation. Plug your leaders into a powerful management program that builds motivation techniques and improves long-term success with your employees and clients. 

Outperform consistently. Get plugged in.

COS 301: Get In and Get Noticed (Sr. Sales - Advanced Selling)

If you have top salespeople who you need to close large deals, the best way to help them succeed is to prepare them with the skills to sell high. 

I wrote Jay Leno (NBC's Tonight Show Host) a letter and he personally called me within one week. Want to know how I did it? It's just one of the secrets you'll learn in this training program. Most salespeople don't sell to the top officer or chairman of the board because they're either scared, don't relate, or lack the skills to go in there. However, the ability to sell a large business transaction is far easier at the highest level than the challenges getting past the myriad small business leaders to close a large deal. If you're going to hunt elephants, you'd better bring a big gun. 

Learn "superstar" secrets to sell to the top.

COS 351: Building Successful Strategic Alliances (Sr. Sales - Advanced Selling)

"Your methods of building strategic alliances are based on best-practice processes." -- Paul Batchelder, Dir. of Sales

Many salespeople get involved in alliance-building relationships, but larger organizations recognize the critical nature of alliances and designate a select group of salespeople to build their alliance relationships. We've analyzed the best-in-practice concepts that make strategic alliances successful and help your management and sales team create win-win alliances. This training is for SENIOR SALESPEOPLE and MANAGERS ONLY.

Build successful strategic alliances.

MVP 401: Acting VP of Sales/Acting VP of Key Accounts (Mgmt)

"Your ability to close enterprise deals is top-notch." -- Arlie Carstens, former executive, HP/Compaq

We're unlike other consultants. Not only can we help you write a SALES PLAN and develop SALES SCRIPTS and SALES PROCESSES, but we'll even become your ACTING VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES or Acting VP of Key Accounts. In doing so, you'll gain HONEST insights into your selling process and learn additional ways to get in and win with your top prospects. Plus, you win more business in the process. It's a true win-win that you can only get by partnering with ARRiiVE Business Solutions!

Gain top insights into Sales Strategy.

My firm, ARRiiVE Business Solutions, offers an outsourcing service called "Acting VP of Sales" where we target 10 of your prospective customers over 6 months. Through this service, we're able to help you refine your sales pitch, improve your sales processes, and develop a sales plan that can be cross-pollinated throughout the rest of your organization. We offer reality-based advice from a polished veteran team. The difference is your own sales team may lie to you about forecasts, processes, and other sales-related activities, where we'll give it to you straight because if you don't succeed with us, you won't renew our contract or refer people to us. We care about your referrals!

                            -- Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions


Here are some real-world monthly sales results utilizing the sales model we help you implement, in thousands of dollars:

What would it mean to you to have similar results with your sales team?

"Scott's training is highly beneficial, immediately practical, and stuck with me far beyond the day of training with our team. He is a master of getting in the door and the simplicity of his sales process surpasses other training I've experienced." -- former sales guru with NCR and HP

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