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ARRiiVE partners with emerging growth companies and organization leaders seeking to embrace change. Industries we commonly serve include:

Emerging Growth / High Technology

Products: The challenge for high technology firms is how to make static, boring products exciting in a way that embraces the customer's ability to want them. Utilizing ARRiiVE's sales strategies and marketing methods enables companies to "humanize" the buying experience to increase success.

Services: High technology services are often intangible. A way to build success includes a focus on ways to make your customers secure and comfortable, while relying upon your firm to meet their needs. Our team has a combined 60+ years experience creating high technology solutions  impacting sales results and expanding innovation through our organization models and training programs.


Alternative Energy - We're helping develop solutions for firms creating alternative energy solutions. We're looking at ways to improve the air, forests, and water, while reducing pollutants through anti-corrosion, clean-air, and modern energy systems. Our goal is to help transition the world's dependency on non-sustainable systems to one of sustainable systems.

Energy Services: We're helping develop sales distribution relationships with firms in the oil, natural gas, and chemical industries to help modernize equipment and bring "greener" solutions to an industry going through tremendous transition.



Financial Services / Real Estate 

Financial Services: Smart credit cards are an extension of the banking industry that is currently poised for considerable transition and new growth opportunity. With the advancements in technology and higher adaptation rate of consumers with new and innovative programs, it is important for financial services to remain competitive and innovate within their products and services. We recently helped many firms design their business plan for how to launch a gift card service.

Real Estate: Real Estate Management Companies are often built from collaborating teams who have little, if any, management training. As a result, they struggle when they  try to build their organization beyond a small group. We've identified three components useful to build high performance real estate teams and implement sales process to retain consistency in world-class selling practices.



Additional Industries we've serviced include:


Entertainment: The artistic community often has a side that wants to focus on business but simply lacks the savvy and negotiating power necessary to deal in the business world. Artists operate from right brain, typically, which disconnect from the left brain of many business leaders in the entertainment industry. Our focus is on how to help bridge that gap using a proven business structure and then support that structure with programs that enable artists to grow business. This industry is always evolving, as evidenced by recent transactions in television, such as Google paying over $1 billion for You Tube. Entertainment firms typically seek structure and process, then beyond that a sounding board for their innovative techniques and practices.


Fitness: In an industry with over 40% attrition, we discovered a disconnect between "coaching fitness" and "selling fitness" among fitness center staff and management. We're helping solve the challenge of retaining clients, creating innovative solutions, and developing programs specific to client's needs. We're helping fitness centers across the US to modernize their retention program and put in place lead management programs that enable far better tracking and response with customers than they've had in the past in this exciting, growth-based industry.

Food & Wine:

Beverage/Wine: The wine industry is experiencing challenges in maintaining tradition and balancing the fine line between art and business. It's a delicate subject. We're often brought in to help create methods of innovation in sales and marketing. We help maintain a look and feel that the winery is trying to create. We're helping wine companies structure to meet rising industry competition.

Food service: As an established industry, food service requires efficiency, solid branding, and creating an "experience" that people want to repeat. Many restaurant owners know how to create good food. They lack an understanding of business; however, such as the importance of location. Creating a team concept enables better food service. We're helping restaurant owners design ways to attract clients, such as through themes, special marketing events, and building live music venues.


Leisure & Travel: In a post-911 era, travel can still be exciting. Our focus is on how to help modernize the travel industry beyond hotels and time-shares to cutting-edge programs that are both invigorating and sustainable. Leisure and Travel firms need innovation in marketing and delivery of services, as well as the importance of customer service experience. There is also a huge disconnect in customer management for the majority of firms in this industry. We're helping firms in this industry modernize their approach with customers all the way from marketing & sales to follow-up.

Manufacturing and Distribution 

Manufacturing: We help organizations who are launching breakthrough products to determine strategies to launch. The number of companies creating exciting new products is expanding. We've helped several firms and government agencies with biometric solution evaluation and implementation.

Distribution: Distribution firms for high technology, food products, and several other industries are in  high-growth mode. Our focus is on ways to maximize the supply chain. As such, distribution firms need state-of-the-art solutions and plans to implement new strategies to reduce the time from point A to Z. We also help these firms determine ways to eliminate obstacles to fulfillment.


Retail: Our business model is dramatically changing the way the retail world views it's most important assets: people. The common law of numbers is being impacting by the law of empowerment. Retailers traditionally need to combine great location with elements that define your message clearly, store layout that creates a shopping "experience", and service that makes people want to return. Creating that look and feel requires marketing savvy. There's also a disconnect with many firms who create teams who compete with each other, rather than cooperate. In our case studies we've identified that the Diamond-Circle model empowers employees to higher success in retail environments through cooperative movement.

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