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We're helping people innovate and create better products, services, and companies through our lab:

ARRiiVE Innovation Lab - We describe the full process of innovation lab opportunities below. Our core "Innovation Think Lab System" includes the following modules: (1) Mind Map, (2) If Only Lab, (3) Merge Center, (4) 19 Gen, (5) Think Like A Child. Core Innovation Think Lab System is available for $1,990 US, $995 (non-refundable) due in advance as retainer and $995 (100% guaranteed) due upon completion of lab. Online Development, 3D Rendering, Reverse Engineering, CAD/CAM, and Advanced Funding are available for additional fees. In addition, we can run your creative contest for you for $5,000 to 10,000 -- depending upon the requirements.

Currently, there is a 30-day demand waiting list for ARRiiVE Innovation Lab. Email
ARRiiVE to add to waiting list or to learn how to escalate your opportunity.

MIND MAPPING: ARRiiVE's Creative Team can help you brainstorm ideas and ways to better market or product a new product, service, or other inventive idea. Mind-mapping is not new technology; however, we have found that reverse-mapping and direct-mapping can be very useful in practical use in the idea innovation lab we've created. More to come - bookmark this page! (Image used through the GNU License Agreement by wikipedia).

3-D RENDERING: ARRiiVE CREATIVE can build 3-D models, photograph 3-D for either pre-production or post-production, and even create 3-D films of various works. This is a growing aspect of the INNOVATiiON LAB. We also have built relationships with 3-P film makers who can present images in totally new ways that marketing experts are just starting to utilize. (Image provided through the public domain by wikipedia).

RAPID PROTOTYPING: It can be highly useful to render what a product might look like and make a decision before wasting valuable factory resources. (Image used under license from FreeRangeStock). Our goal is to get an idea through the rapid prototype process within 48 hours to look at it and know how viable it might be.

"What I HATE" LAB: We've discovered one of the keys to improving any product or service is to find out what we "hate" about a product or service that already exists. It's amazing how much new growth comes out of hating something! Other variations include the "They'll NEVER do that!" and "if only we could___________."

MERGE CENTER: Take any two or three ideas and combine them, and you may have a new product. XEROX did this with the three-in-one printer and created a whole new segment in the printer/copier/scanner/fax market segments. What ideas do you have, or do we have, that we can combine. We often can combine ideas across industries and create a new marketing approach through the concept of the MERGE CENTER. (Image provided courtesy PUBLIC DOMAIN).

CREATIVE CONTESTS: A gold mine is run-down and abandoned. An investor buys the mine, and puts a contest on-line for who can find the most likely place to mine for new veins. The company makes more than Microsoft over the next 10 years. Is there something to it? We think there is. You, too, will find it amazing how many ideas may come to you when you put some real money behind it. Cash holds power.

ADVANCED FUNDING: One of the biggest challenges many firms have is allocating funding for their innovation. We suggest creating an INNOVATION FUND available for your ideas so that you can eliminate this obstacle. For those who do not have a fund, we've created a database of Venture Capitalists and Hedge Fund investors. We can serve as "finder" and also have relationships with deal brokers who can help you get the funding for your product or service.

ONLINE RAPID DEPLOYMENT: One of the most useful tools we've been utilizing in marketing is to take a concept, create a URL, build a website, and launch it to find out what type of traction there is for it. You'll quickly find out which ideas fly and which don't through our ONLINE RDC (rapid deployment center). It won't be perfect, but you'll have a much more clear idea of whether your idea and name has traction.

19 GEN: There is a tribe of Nece Pez natives who claim we ought to leave the earth so that 19 generations from now our descendants won't know we were there. Well, if you were to think 19 Generations AHEAD of where we are now, what developments would you have wanted to see, looking backwards? Using our 19 GEN reverse thought process, we can come up with many ideas that often will impact a product or service. At the very least your ideas ought to be more eco-friendly and build upon the idea of a "sustainable" planet.

Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. File Name AS17-148-22727
REVERSE ENGINEER: It's been discovered that the Greek's utilized analog computers, as this image (right) demonstrates. In evaluating the image it was determined, through reverse engineering, how the item worked back around 150 B.C. Today, we are looking at products, imagining an output, and working backwards to discover it. The other approach is to find things made by other people, and take them apart. Reverse engineering is critical to discovery of computing processes and other items which are highly "process" oriented.


CAD/CAM: Through our creative team, we can render CAD and CAM drawings and create the images required in order to go to a manufacturer to develop the prototype to launch a product. This is useful in product oriented applications.

THINK LIKE A CHILD LAB: It's amazing how much we can learn when we see through the eyes of a child. I never knew about "YouTube" until a friend's child showed me a video. Thinking like a child is a huge way to spot what's hot - and what's not - and up-and-coming. If you want to know about certain ideas, ask a kid. You just might be surprised what you find out.


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