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Mind Spark Sessions


Mind Spark Sessions are RAPID LEARNING WORKSHOPS conducted in 4 hour and 2 hour formats.

Cold to Gold: Build Long Lasting Successful Business Relationships (Sales)
Cold to Gold STOP blowing cold calls! I wrote Jay Leno (former NBC's Tonight Show Host) a letter and he personally called me within one week. Want to know how I did it? It's just one of the secrets you'll learn in this training program. Most salespeople don't sell to the top officer or chairman of the board because they're either scared, don't relate, or lack the skills to go in there. Many simply blow it. You could have the best "solution selling" skills in the world but if you can't get in the door to start the sales process, you're nowhere in a hurry. Let's fix that, starting right now: COLD TO GOLD Mind Spark Sessions help you learn to get in the door quickly and build long-lasting successful business relationships. Cold to Gold takes the best ideas I have about how to get in quickly and build a strong rapport that tips the scales to your advantage. Mind Spark Session is 4 hours.  

"Scott is the best cold caller I've ever seen." -- Jeremy LaDuque, CEO, (

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Titanium Team Builders: Optimum Performance Coaching (Management)
How can you guarantee that your team can sustain success beyond the next six months? We've developed management techniques that create structure and coaching for optimum long-term success with your employees and clients. 

"You will obtain success quicker when you know how to structure your team and then coach for optimum performance."
-- Richard Boren, VP of Sales at Instantis & Verio


What would it mean to you to have similar results with your sales team?

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