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Mind Spark Sessions:  
Cold to Gold Mind Spark Sessions Mind Spark Sessions TM

Rapid Learning Workshops SM


  • Discover the top 5 reasons salespeople fail...learn to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Increase odds to get in to your top prospects.... learn better communication techniques with calls, email, letters, and face-to-face meetings.

  • Learn how the top gurus at selling separate from the pack... master ways to differentiate and add value to get 380% more business.

  • Gain "guerilla tactics...get that key meeting when you absolutely must get in.

  • Learn the "Sales Diamond" the scales to over 81.2% win rate (without it you'll win only 5-10% of deals).

  • Discover the advantage that improves RFP wins to over 85%.

  • Master advanced networking strategies...introductions gain meetings.

  • Learn other top secrets....get in the door successfully.

  • Learn account management long-term success.

Let's face it: you can't sell anything until you've got a relationship built with a prospect. Most people (including highly paid sales people) simply don't know how to get relationships started in a way that leads to long-term business relationships. If you can not afford to have your highly paid sales people fail with your top prospects, then click "Start Now".



    Click here to sign up for COLD to GOLD Mind Spark Sessions.

    Talented Team Building Leadership Mind Spark Session
    Stop managing people like numbers and start winning more business!
    • Learn ways to structure teams... predict wins 83% more accurately.

    • Build better ways to track...improve team success over time.

    • Reduce gender and race structure that empowers all members.

    • Sales Territory plans...gain guidance into structuring your territory and team.

    • Learn keys to sales success...power words and strategies to impart wisdom.

    • Limit failure... optimize teams performance through improved coaching.

    Coming soon! (online) - 1 - two hour Mind Spark Session

    Are your employees performing at their peak? Optimize your team structure and implement true coaching methods to insure your managing in ways that build long-term success and grow more customers, more quickly.

    MIP331: INTELLIGENT SOCIAL NETWORKING  (Business Networking).
    "Get set up. Get trained. Grow your business."

    1. Get set up. Includes set up of basic page for Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Yelp, and YouTube. Load logo image (you provide logo .jpg or .gif). Load business description (you provide).

    a. Our price just $497.00 US includes basic set-up of logo image and business description. (This price does not include custom set-up of Facebook nor Twitter.)

    Call to order at 805.459.6939

    We can provide a custom iFrame Facebook page, as well. For example:

    b. Custom iFrame Facebook page is just $497.00 US (one time fee, special introductory rate). You agree to provide artwork within five days of payment (we schedule our projects and must ask you please do not delay - thank you).

    Twitter Background:
    c. Twitter backgrounds not included in this basic set-up price. Cost for Twitter Custom background is $99.00 (one time fee).

    YouTube Custom Page:
    d. YouTube custom page is $227 (one time fee).

    Special Offer:
    e. Special Discount Offer: All of the above 1a to 1d, purchased today, is discounted to $1,145.00 US (one payment covers customized Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and set-up on LinkedIn and MySpace).

    Turnaround time for any of the above services is typically less than ten (10) business days from payment unless we are impacted by high customer growth (it happens!) upon which we will communicate a new time frame for you (at time of order).

    2. Get trained.

    Learn how to target your social media campaign, identify your message, stories that make good social media, what tactics to use while posting, how to search for new information and other people to network with, and how to set and measure results.

    $197.00 US (includes four 20 minute videos that teach you how to use social networks for more effective campaigns and an accompanying PDF workbook.)

    3. Get Managed.

    We manage your social network posting for you. For those who are new to social networking or simply want to focus on what you are good at, and let the experts focus on posting (recommended for businesses new to social networking at a minimum), use ARRiiVE's Managed Campaign service:

    We tweet for you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace:

      a. Twitter 3x a day, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace 1x/day, business days.      
          $329.00 US / monthly rate.

      b. Twitter 1x a day, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace 1x/day,      
          business days. $279.00 US / monthly rate.

      c. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace status updates 1x a week.
          $99.00 US / monthly.

    Additional Managed Services:
      d. Managed Press Release (offline and online campaign). We write and distribute local and
          CisionPoint Web+SEO press releases for just $447.00 US/month. (Note: for CisionWire to Bloomberg, AP,
          and other national news firms is $100 additional).

          You agree to spend 15 minutes providing us information relevant to your business for   
          each press release, as well as 15 minutes to review prior to each release.

    Our CisionPoint Web includes:
    • Your news is optimized for search engines (SEO), making your business easier to find.
    • Submit a press release and your news is sent to places your news release to 3,500 news websites, databases, web portals, and online brokerages around the world.
    • Can include a business photo or VIDEO - which often ranks at the top of Google Search for SEO rank
    • Press releases post directly to your Twiter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

    CisionWire (Wire) - For national campaigns, we recommend spending $300 additional and getting CisionPoint Web + CisionWire, which places your CisionWire news to services such as The Associated Press, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, and national news agencies.

    National Coverage
    (with CisionWire national wire service)
         Local press releases include press release distribution to local TV, radio, and     

          newspaper editor email contacts (ARRiiVE's customized and current listing as of March 17, 2011).


         Price per press release just $447 press release and includes the Cision release (web). 

          For Web + Wire add $300.00.


    Special "Get Started" Offer:

      e. Combined Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter campaign (option 3a above and

          Managed Press Release (option 3d above) just $669.00 US/month (approx. 15% discount, 

          2 months required).

     Website Services:
      f. Website review (review one page of website) $200 per page.
      g. Sales copy (per page) $600 per page to edit/revise sales copy on your website.

    Video and Keynote Creation:
      h. Custom quote for Powerpoint, Keynote, and video creation. What better way to say it than with video?
          For video, our rates range from $300 to $3000 for most projects. Call or email us for a quote.

    All services must be paid in full in advance of any work performed.

    Call 1-805-459-6939 or contact ARRiiVE at to order your service today.

    MIP341: MANAGED MOBILE MARKETING (Marketing and Copywriting Services).
    Through our partner, Power Text Pro, we now offer mobile marketing campaigns on the most robust mobile marketing platform, 41513. Clients using 41513 include the SuperBowl, NFL Teams (49ers, Raiders), Jamba Juice, Doc Bernstein's ice cream, and more.

    Platform includes: autoresponder text marketing, 1-page mobile websites, groups, VIP clubs, QR Code Reading, and Power Text Pro also creates campaigns specific to your company.

    Pricing starts at just $49/month and is the most effective form of marketing available we know of today.

    Just text 41513 "PTPMobile" to see how it works. Call 805-459-6939 to order.
      MIP031: INTERACT DESiiGN, LOGO DESIGN (Marketing and Creative Design Services). Includes up to 3 different "rough ideas" of logo design and up 3 finished logo designs (standard logo size 48 or 36point, smaller 22 point, and 12 point) in two styles (one with just logo name, one with logo name and sales slogan, such as "More Customers, More Cash, More Quickly"). Call to order.
      MIP051: INTERACT DESiiGN, WEBSITE (Marketing and Creative Design Services). Includes a 10-page website, a blog design, interactive elements e-book to train you how to create interactive website marketing, and 5 hours of strategy sessions with the ARRiiVE DESiiGN team. Pay retainer 50% up-front, remainder upon service delivery. Call to order.
    LAUNCH ALLiiANCE SERVICES (start a company, launch a product/service):
      MVP011: LAUNCH ALLiiANCE - SALES PLAN. Use ARRiiVE Business Solutions to help you start your company and launch a new product or service. We write a sales plan for your team sales effort, or as a component of your business plan to help you raise funding. Price is for a 15 - 20 page sales plan that includes USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Target Markets, Market Segments, Vertical/Geographical, Partial Competitive Analysis, and Strategy For Success. Investment is $2,990, payable in two installments (50% in advance, 50% upon completion.) If we help you launch the business as "acting VP Sales" on a part-time basis, we will likely ask for a percentage of revenue from your business gross monthly sales and 10% ownership equity. In addition, any funding will require a percentage of funding upon receipt of money.

    Please contact us (use form, email, or call us) for other services related to starting a company, product launch, and launching new services.

    KEYNOTE SPEAKING (Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions)
      MVP511: KEYNOTE SPEAKING. Scott Andrews is a professional speaker who offers customized "Keynote speaking" for your team, group, or organization. Using straight-talking and often humorous style, Scott is known for delivering inspiring presentations that change people's lives. Scott's current talks include:

    "Cold to Gold (TM): How to Get In The Door and Build Long-Lasting Successful Business Relationships"

    "The Diamond-Circle Model (TM): Building Inspired and Highly Successful Teams" 

    "Innovation: Ways to increase innovation in your organization's

    Always enjoyable and often humorous, your team will be thrilled with Scott's keynote speaking! Click KEYNOTE SPEAKING for more detail.

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      Please fill out our contact request form with details of how you seek assistance.

    ARRiiVETM: "Has Your Business Arrived?"SM 

    Strategic marketing and selling solutions helping you grow your business success, more quickly.

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