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We're bringing you valuable business resources to help you improve your results:

Business Planning/Structure Tools: 

Business Selection Checklist

Business Start-up Checklist

Customer Satisfaction and Retention Survey

The Sales Diamond: Sales Team Structure

The Diamond-Circle Model TM: Organization Structure

Other resources:Business Startup Resource Guide $399.00 (coming soon in 2011)

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Recommended Book: The Emergence of The Relationship Economy examines how we're moving from "Business in Control" to "Consumers in Control" and how that will affect your business. Recommended Book: Synthesizing strategic planning with the power of human empathy, this is a step-by-step guide to help you have the conversation you need to secure the capital you want.
Recommended Book: Marketing Thought helps you define the next big idea that will change the face of your industry. You will also gain insight into the role of dynamic marketing to bringing your ideas to life. Recommended Book: I'm on LinkedIn...Now What??? shares the secrets to get the most out of your online network. With over 12 Million users, learn the ways to maximize your exposure in this valuable network.
Recommended Book: Global Warming will have an impact in every area of our lives. This book collects the opinions of today’s thought leaders on the subject. How will this phenomenon affect you and your business? Recommended Book: They Made It shares the secrets of other entrepreneurs (from the Silicon Valley) who launched their dream and made it. Learn from people who have been there and succeeded.
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